Bonneville Project Pics

Basketcase on the lawn

Sad Engine

Crank(y) Case

Makin a list

Hub(ba) Hub(ba)

Front brake

Front Brake

Truing the wheels

Front forks - neat complete!

Frame with rear wheel

Chassis on wheels

She's coming together at last!Front wheel axle - LH

Swtich - After polishing

Rear wheel lookin' sexy

  • This is the first time I’ve seen this website (I like it) so obviously the first time on seeing your Triumph build and I must say how impressed I am by your dedication to M/C’s and especially to Triumphs, this makes you the coolest female by far, only to be topped if you raced flat track or speedway. I have a 1970 Daytona I got for a hundred bucks in 82′ & it wasn’t worth that much! I spent as you well know by now, serious time learning the subjects of Lucas, Amal, Witworth, Triumph part nos., old & updated from Nosinger to British Only to JRC spares to Baxter Cycle, Klemp’s to Moores & every other parts dist. in between. I’m still learning and now my hot rod 500 is ready for a complete ground up again, economy hit hard on my end but I’m going back into it this summer plus I’ve got a 64′ BSA street tracker project long over due, my 500 is cool & a head turner @ any bike in the past (stock look w/o f. fender & T.T. pipes, loud & competition orange, I wanted a 650 of course back then but settled for the then, rat chopper (ugly & completely ALL junk), if you want to you can see a couple pics. on my FB page, I was hoping to see finished pics. of yours, it sounds like it will be a head turner as well, the engine is sweet as mine was for a while, & bigger, that’s the down side to a 500, next to a 40″er, it looks like a mini bike to me, but by itself most (non Tri.) people think it is a Bonny 650, long as they don’t ask me it’s O.K., I’m sorry for the novel I sent to you but a girl with a Triumph is something worth getting impressed over! I would like to see how you did with this build or if it is on this website I imagine I’ll come across it, I only got to this story as soon as I entered the site so I apologize in advance if I acted too soon, As I put at the beginning; I am very computer illiterate only getting one in the last yr., motorcycles on the other hand happen to be an area where I have some background, I do or should say have done a few laps in my day but I’ll love em’ until my last breath, especially Triumphs (< 74') if you would like fill me in on your project please do and if I knew how to post a photo of my bike for you to see I would have, and Thank You for taking the time to share about your bike or even for not thinking I'm just some dumb ass without a Britt Bike Clue if you didn't already, if you have heard all the jokes on Britt Bikes I apologize once more . . . Q; Do you know why the British drink warm beer? . . . A; Lucas made refrigerators too!