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Maiden Voyage

Maiden Voyage

Friends and followers! I know I haven’t been the best at keeping you posted on my progress, but that’s not because progress hasn’t been made. But… THE BIKE IS FINISHED. 4 1/2 years and (I won’t tell you how much $$ later), a Bonneville has been reborn.

I couldn’t have done it without Rick and his team at TSS, who took my finished chassis, installed the engine, finished the wiring and made every last bit perfect. I’m not the MOST detail oriented person there ever was – and I haven’t had quite the same community and support here as I did in Santa Cruz, with Liza and Re-Cycle. The last 10% really is 90% of the work. Big thanks, Rick. Also, a huge thank you to George Kraus, who is no doubt the best person around to rebuild a Triumph engine. It was meticulous, and it fired up on the first kick. I’m incredibly fortunate to have been able to tap into so much local talent. The seat was also hand done by Shelby, a new friend I made through the Rockers motorcycle crew here in PDX. The man can stitch, let me tell you.

The bike feels great to ride – but it’s not the simple get-up-and-go feel of the Honda. Kick starting is super easy (for a Triumph), thank goodness. The clutch is insanely tight, which I’m getting used to. I admit I’m still a little timid to take it out on a long ride though. The brakes are awfully soft, and I’m still readjusting to the British side shifting. So it’s been up and down the neighborhood for me the last couple of weekends.

For now, I’ll spare you my words and show you some pictures, so I can get back out and ride while we’re being graced by the sun on this late October day :)

2013-10-05 11.58.22 2013-10-05 11.58.33 2013-10-05 13.07.10 2013-10-05 13.08.16-2 2013-10-05 13.08.59 2013-10-05 13.09.50 2013-10-05 13.10.35 2013-10-13 13.46.43 2013-10-13 14.54.28 2013-10-13 14.54.51 HDR

  • Rick in KC

    Congrats!!!!! It looks great! Best wishes for your riding enjoyment.