No Oil.

I can’t get over how fast time flies by…. a whole year already? Fortunately, I can assure you that this project is still under way and we’ve cleared the biggest hurdle – the engine.

I started with a case with matching numbers to the frame, and a donor ’71 engine. The were kinda the same. Kinda. My ridiculous need to have my hands on every part of the bike led me to disassembling the engine to begin with, before passing it on to George Kraus, a local Portlander who does absolutely beautiful work and award-winning restorations. It was just too much to do all on my own, and I certainly want the thing to run when I’m finished. Unfortunately, taking the engine apart first made things a little more troublesome for us, as we were working with parts from >2 different bikes. The going was slower than expected (seriously, almost two years?!) and a lot more costly than we bargained for. But it’s done now, the engine is gorgeous, and it SHOULD run just beautifully.

Now, the rest is in my own hands. The engine brackets needs a powdercoat, ignition to be bought and installed, wiring finished, steering damper fixed, handlebars dialed in, original tank and fenders to be painted, seat(s) made, engine dropped in the frame. I think I need some random Wentworth tools for some random parts. It’s down to the little details. Sounds easy, right?

This IS Portland, and there are months of rain still ahead before the best riding days begin again. By late Spring, I hope have this bike complete, registered and road worthy. I’m already getting nervous about retraining myself to shift on the wrong side on my brand new bike. It’s been a 2 1/2 year project so far…. wish me luck.

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  • Raymond

    So great to see a new post! That engine looks sooooooo good! I look forward to seeing the progress however long it takes. Good luck!