Winter Scrambler Project

Now that the cold wet rain is back again, I suppose I should take some time to give the Honda some love. The Bonneville is in capable hands for now, so other than some wiring work left on my end (and paint and carbs and….doh), I have plenty of time to sexy her up.

Unfortunately, I think she’s gotten worse looking hanging out with me over the last few years. Between the tragically unhelpful neighbor that ripped off my bars and left her for dead, and a few experimental paint jobs, the old bird looks like she could use a face lift. Let’s take a look at our progression….

When I got her in 2008, the tank paint was fading, but the seat was still in decent shape, and she was…. mostly clean. But not perfect. Pre-neighbor fiasco:

Later, with a sandblasted and freshly primed tank:

Then I decided it would be fun to try and paint it. I went with a 60s blue. It was fun for a minute… not really a fan of my color choice, though.

And then one boring, rainy spring day, I decided to go with this camo green. Notice the seat is now being held on by tape, too. Full beater status:

So…. yeah. I promise not to let the same fate come to the Triumph, but this has been a learning process, and fun. So don’t judge. She runs like a beauty and starts.

I’ve been keeping an eye out for inspiration on what I want her to look like next, and came across this fierce, murdered out Scrambler:

Sexy right? I’m missing the original side covers, so if I can’t find them on ebay, I’m thinking some diamond plate side covers could be sweet. Add some drag bars, new seat cover, fresh paint, new headlamp/ tail-light and a power wash, and we’re be looking sharp this Spring. I’m diggin’ the murdered-out spokes, fenders and exhaust, as well…. rust proof. :p

Feedback? Thoughts? Color suggestions? Let me know what you think!

Now to pull the heater down to the garage. :/ Tata for now…

  • curt lane

    I to amrestoring 72 t120v motor is in frame but having problem getting motivated. looks like u r doing fine

  • Curt

    I stumbled across your blog quite by accident, then read it through from beginning to end (well to the last post anyway) in one sitting. Fascinating. It calls back memories of 2007 when I began something very similar on a barn find (really!) 1970 Triumph TR6C 650. I had never done anything like that before and I savored it all over again as you described the seemingly endless polishing, and fussing over small bits and large decisions.

    But now what? Progress? I hope to see a new post soon because I really want to read how you feel when you kick it over for the first time and it starts. My grin was so wide it pushed my ears to the back of my head…well it felt that way at least.


    • Jen

      Thanks for the comment! I’m still here. Just got the engine finished so it’s put a little more enthusiasm back into me 😉 I have a bit to go before I kick that engine over but it WILL HAPPEN!!!

    • Jen

      A new post is coming soon – the bike is almost done! I haven’t been very good about keeping this blog updated. To be continued :)